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The textured tree oils demonstrate Jannetta’s deep attachment to and reverence for the natural world. Many hundreds of leaves, branches and twigs are cut from canvas and strings and then applied using traditional glue to heavy canvas stretched on aluminium stretchers. This relief is then painted in oils. The oils stick in the textures and groves of the collage and can be layered, wiped and glazed mimicking colours caught by nature in spontaneous moments of passing illumination and shadow.


In addition, the relief throws shadows  over the canvas bringing the static piece to life. Subtle changes in light, the sun disappearing behind cloud or the change from daylight to evening, influence the painting allowing the perpetual transitions in nature to participate in the painting

Jannetta does not paint a view or a recognised beauty spot but is responding to the moments of intense emotional and physical connection which she manages to capture and share.

“The wilderness holds answers to questions man has not yet learned to ask”. Nancy Wynne Newhall.

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