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Louise Janneta presents a collection of original abstract oil on canvas. Textures, layering, glazes, gestures, colour and markmaking are combined with the intrinsic attributes of the medium itself.  

Louise’s commitment to materials and the attributes that lend and extend meaning has entailed a vast scope of practical research and the acquisition of a variety of skills. She believes that it is necessary to experience and know the medium to activate its character and not to impose the artist’s persona.     

Although perpetually experimenting with many media Louise responds to oil paint in particular and is deeply intrigued by the scope of its potential. The multiple techniques that oil allows express its own language as well as the life held within the material itself.

​Exploring painting in oil offers extensive modes of expression; line, colour, texture and shape are presented in a moment of intense contemplation to entice, captivate and enthral for an everlasting moment. A subtle exchange is offered, between material and representation, between the historic past and the anticipated future.

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