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The lace trees came about because Jannetta has always used fabrics as a form of expression and creativity. The intricate entanglement of branches and twigs suggests interaction and communication, whilst the copse of woods evokes a gathering and a support system. The trees are spiritual but without romanticism, they are more pragmatic, existent, a truth.

Jannetta surprised herself with her obsession with trees; it was not a conscious decision to focus in this way. Now, in retrospect, it becomes evident that the trees symbolise nature and the interdependent eco-system, but nature as Mother Nature, a female, supportive, caring and nourishing. Trees can symbolise the link between heaven and hell; or they are seen as the tree of life which offers shelter in its canopy and nourishment when leaves are shed. This proposition is elaborated by the medium used, lace like and seemingly sewn or spun; the trees appear like embroidery or embellished fabric, again referencing women and women’s work. Whilst the time taken to construct such elaborate work and its apparent fragility poses questions of value.

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