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Artist bio

Combining traditional artistic practice with an endlessly inventive mind, Louise Jannetta creates an eclectic compendium of mixed media art.

Diverse and uncompromising Jannetta’s work is explorative and curious demonstrating theoretical and intuitive exploration of the limits of experience.

Her intention is to play with the vocabulary and the framing of painting. Refusing to conform to one particular style, method, scale or medium she works through and with the qualities of the materials utilised. The subject, colour, gesture, scale and medium are made to provoke possible conjectures that can then be thoroughly destabilised on reflection.

Representation is presented in collusion with abstraction in a dialogue between fact and assumption, between histories and possible futures and between supposition and knowledge.

“Words don’t really do visuals justice, they are an afterthought and an attempt to classify and justify. Poetics only have the circumlocution necessary to attempt to approximate visuals.”

Influenced by Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Terrance Malick, Roland Barthes, Deleuze and Guattari via Bergson, romanticism and surrealism, Louise slips between lines of text, film edits and visuals to question assumed realities. The aim is to disrupt the expected and realign focus by suggesting the peripherals, transient and blurred, fluid and misaligned. Her work habitually coaxes with the familiar subliminally remaining sincere to this interrogation.


Louise at work in her at gallery & studio in Buxton, Derbyshire.

Storytelling, cultural myths, and assumed norms are subsumed by the earthy relevance of oils utilising new-materialist concepts to evoke the power to ‘become’. The distinction of matter is therefore included in the epic identity saga and can articulate and interrogate with hermeneutic cheek and devilry.

Her work is ever-changing and evolving, yet still constantly displaying her unique style and skill.  Furthermore, she presents a strong sense of dedication in her work through the mass amount of intricate, time-consuming designs and her commitment to discovery through experimentation. 


Her work has hung in some of the region’s most prestigious galleries.

Previous exhibitions

  • The Louise Jannetta Gallery & Studio, Buxton

  • Vermilion Gallery, Knutsford

  • Contemporary Six, Manchester

  • Cloud Gallery, Chichester, Brighton, Worthing and Horsham

  • St. John Street Gallery, Ashbourne

  • The Art Lounge, Macclesfield

  • Paul Tavernor Gallery, Poynton

  • Focus Gallery, Nottingham

  • Wendy Levy Gallery, Disbury

  • Fletchergate Fine Art, Nottingham.

  • Webbs Fine Art, London

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