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Originally a craftsperson Jannetta carries this expertise into her art, both in approach and practice. There is an evident necessity to know and comprehend materials, their attributes and their stubbornness, and an understanding that this is hard won through direct experience. She has therefore committed many years to the accumulation of skills and knowledge and has immersed herself in mediums and methods. Jannetta works in oils, watercolour, acrylics, mixed media, printmaking and sculpture with an obvious delight in the potential of each.

In 2017 Jannetta decided to challenge herself and her work so applied and was accepted by Manchester School of Art to study a Contemporary Art BA. In 2020 she was awarded a First- Class Honours degree. It was a chance to indulge, explore and research in order to consolidate ideas and the start of the realisation of her process and the concepts. The work produced explores eco-grief and human hubris in lateral reference and implication taking a compassionate and often humours take on the position in which we are now deeply imbedded.  

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