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promise a rainbow.jpg


In a response to the atmospheric, wild moorlands of the peak district just minutes from the studio door these paintings of the moorlands are inspired by the oils themselves as much as the gift of the fabulous surrounding landscape...



Abstract, undefined and contradictory the images rely on colourless colour, on movement that remains motionless and on form floating in undefined spatial aspects.



Extending ideas and process into abstraction is a natural progression of Jannetta’s methods and theory. The place or point of activity can be realigned to hover beyond representation and mimicry initiating peripheral vision and lateral, hermeneutic comprehension...

Strength and shelter2.jpg


The intricate entanglement of branches and twigs suggest interaction and communication, whilst the copse of woods evokes a gathering and a support system. The trees are spiritual but without romanticism, they are more pragmatic, existent, a truth...