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A likeness, a mimicry is expected, a frozen observation, but of what, when, each one of us is an incomprehensible enigma.

Embroiled in history and symbols of status portraiture carries a variety of potent references and many contemporary artists continue to investigate issues via the use of portraiture. Jannetta extends this interrogation to invert the subject, object relationship and leave it undefined and fluid.

The subjects are presented and portrayed but what is released by the tactile expressive dialogue of brush strokes. Time and emotions, love, tolerance and an attempt to fathom the depths, whilst accepting ultimate failure, lie in the ebb and flow of her portraits, reality and metaphysics blur and blend spinning into their complex matrix. The subject and the object share an event that must accept the distortion present confined by experience and imposed with nonchalance in an ambiguous theatre of assumption and silence.

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