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This is a tailor-made workshop. It will focus on the wonderful attributes of acrylics, but as it is a full-day workshop, we will have plenty of time to look at colour mixing and colour and linear perspective.

This workshop will enable you to impart depth and dramatic excitement to your image. It will also give you the opportunity to experiment with acrylic paints and the mediums that enhance them.


Louise has experimented extensively and has invented and adapted tools and methods to create an array of expressive markmaking. Materials will be provided that allow freedom to express yourself and scope to indulge in the beautiful potential of the medium. The workshop informs you of suitable surfaces and their preparation with the chance to experience their attributes first-hand.


All workshops can be tailored to groups or individuals. Two or three-day courses can be arranged if you want to immerse yourself in the generosity of these techniques.


The workshops in Louise’s studio run from 10.00 am to 4.30 pm.  Most materials and lunch are provided with refreshments and biscuits served all day. The cost of a lesson is £100.00 for the day. The lessons are restricted to only six customers per lesson, so Louise can give tuition focused on each person’s needs.

Acrylic Techniques. Wednesday 19th June 2024

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