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Mix media using Louise’s equipment and supplies and also bring along some of your own to extend possibilities and share experience.


Using textures, collage, fabrics, paper and threads, this workshop gives you the opportunity to fully explore how paint is enhanced and embellished by the addition of other media. Uninhibited and unrestricted experimentation is encouraged leaving you inspired and energised by the possibilities discovered.



~Oil pastels with watercolour

~Watercolour with textured papers

~Textured papers with collage

~Collage with acrylic inks

~Acrylic inks with oil pastels

~And anything else that you fancy trying.


Paper, primers, fabric, collage, paints, acrylic inks, pastels; chalk and oil, oil sticks, oil paints, graphite and much more will all be made available for you to explore.


Each student will need a board on which to stretch a piece of watercolour paper large enough for an A3 sheet of paper but Louise can supply this if you would like to order one prior to the lesson. (cost £12)


You Will Need

Clothes to make a mess in

Any speciality products or equipment that you feel is necessary.


All workshops can be tailored to groups or individuals. If you want to really immerse yourself in the generosity of these techniques then two or three-day courses can be arranged.


The workshops in Louise’s studio run from 10.00 am to 4.30 pm. Most materials and lunch is provided with refreshments and biscuits served all day. The cost of a lesson is £100.00 for the day.

The lessons are restricted to only six customers per lesson (four customers only while covid restrictions apply) so that Louise can give tuition focused on each person’s needs.

Uninhibited Mixed Media-Saturday 9th November 2024

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